Hospital Birth

Every woman can benefit from care with a midwife, including those that are planning a hospital birth. Midwifery care can provide additional support and help fill any informational gaps in your prenatal care.  It can also address psychological and social aspects of pregnancy that are often left unaddressed by the medical model of care. I will not only cover practical, medical information but also include information about your own innate ability to birth and ways to support it.

In addition, you can learn how to navigate the medical system and how to communicate with hospital staff. This will give you the confidence to have an empowering birth experience within the hospital setting.  I welcome the opportunity to share the knowledge of midwifery care with you; we can meet just one time or on a regular basis.

You may also wish to have additional postpartum care; once you leave the hospital you generally do not see your OB again until 6 weeks postpartum.  In other countries, such as Germany, a midwife comes to your home once you return from the hospital to provide you and your newborn with additional support.  This is a great opportunity to have questions answered that do not necessitate a call or visit to the OB or Pediatrician, and would otherwise go unanswered.

Topics that can be covered during visits

  • Assistance in writing a practical birth plan that is appropriate for you
  • Conversations on how to best communicate with hospital staff
  • What you can expect once you arrive a the hospital
  • Asking questions and making decisions in labor
  • Information about Informed Consent
  • Hiring a doula
  • Caring for a newborn
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Connections to community resources


  • One time or initial visit: $200
  • Follow up and postpartum visits: $100